Heather Noel


  Heather Noel's acoustic prayer-songs express truth directly from the heart.  Her angelic transmissions are inspired by nature, ceremonies, and her dedication to doing her part to create peace on earth for the generations to come. 

     Born in Santa Cruz, California, she has lived most of her life on the West Coast and in Hawaii, where she birthed her two daughters, Asha and Sophia. 

     She began her musical journey by singing her poetry to heal herself through sound and breath.  Now she shares her songs as an offering for others to experience this transformational magic.

     Her first album titled, "Angels are Here", was recorded on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Her newly released second album, "Sanctify", was recorded at her home in southern Oregon.  Now, with so many yet unrecorded songs, she aspires to a third album within the next few years.

     Over the last decade, Heather Noel has shared her songs at yoga studios, ceremonies, and festivals such as the Garlic Festival, WA; Coco's, Big Island; Well Springs, Ashland, OR; Earth Day, Mauai; The Mystic Garden Parties, and more.