by Heather Noel

This is a calling home to the divine and a prayer for peace on earth. In joy!
Heather Noel's acoustic prayer-songs are inspired by nature, ceremonies, and her dedication to help in creating peace on earth for the generations to come. Her unique and angelic voice combined with her mystically woven lyrics take the listeners on a soul journey into the heart. In a conducive setting, the good spirits will let themselves be known to those present to receive their healing light, and this album is like an echo of this divine …
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Heather Noel
lead guitar: Stephen Eberle ---all other instruments:Phoenix Eyeris


This song was channeled in the Santa Cruz mountains.  My friend offered to watch my daughter, Asha, for an hour.  She must have been four years old.  I grabbed my guitar and my journal and found an amazing view overlooking the beautiful redwood forests.  I asked for a song, and the simple guitar and lyrics came to me within minutes.  It was one of those easy, straightforward catches that songwriters dream of.  That was about eight years ago, so this song has been a steady and useful prayer many times over.  It and "Good Friends" are the oldest tracks on the new album.  Thank you for praying with me.



This is a prayer for peace 

This is a prayer for patience

In the face of trauma

Laughter in the face of fear

This is a prayer for peace